It's been ages since I've posted anything on my blog. Over a year now! But much has changed in my life and I'm feeling like some new posts are in order! 

I'm now working a lot and have an idea to post reviews of some of the items I try at work. (Work being Whole Foods Market). So in hoping to get back into blogging regularly and hopefully this is a start. Stay tuned! 



I've been lagging a little on posting my book reviews on my blog. Forgive me. I challeneged myself to post a quote a day last year so I should have made another challenge for 2012 so I could keep up with my blog. Anyhow, I will try my best to keep it  up to date. =)

I just finished the 4th and FINAL book of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. This series gets a lot of criticism and I don't really understand it. People post that they're happy they don't have to read any more books and that they're so happy that it's done and wish that the main character would just die. Uhm... I'm pretty sure that if you didn't want to read this series... you didn't have to. A lot of people wanted to finish it because they started it but again... who's making you? I just think it's funny that people talk so much shit about a series that they hate instead of reading books that they really enjoy. My opinion? If you don't like a book, don't waste your time. I've read first books of A LOT of series' that I never finished. Anyway, rant over... on to my review!

Rapture (Fallen, #4)Rapture by Lauren Kate

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

slightly spoilery...

  I really enjoyed this book. So many people have talked about hating the way this series ended up, I agree that book two was not as great as book one... But I have to say that I loved the way this ended (besides the epilogue, I could've done without it and just went a little longer with the last chapter). I guess I've just always loved the hopeless romantic aspect of Luce and Daniel's relationship. They've been through so much over hundreds of different lifetimes that it completely makes sense why they love each other. And the whole secretly an angel twist was actually pretty smart and not entirely surprising. I think it was a perfect ending to a pretty great series. I still really love it despite the opinion of harsher critics :)

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It's been a while...


I read.

I read books. I read magazines.

I read labels and receipts.

I read recipes and text messages

And tumbls and tweets.

I read status updates, blogs, reviews and newspapers.

But mostly,

I read books.

I read contemporary books.

These books are the most real,

The most emotional things

That hit you from every direction.

Like you’re physically being attacked by

Tears, laughter, heartbreak

It’s real. It is so real.

I read a book recently that made me think.

I was inspired. I felt renewed.

I felt like getting up on a stage and pouring

Out my heart for everyone to hear and see.

I read a book that changed my way of thinking.

That reminded me who I am

And who I use to be.

I read a book that made me write.

This right here is a reflection of the

Feelings that that book made me feel.

I felt pain, and heartbreak, and sadness

And mourning and love and shock

And distress and relief.

And once that last page was turned

I knew I just had to write down






I read. I read a lot.

I read books. I read magazines.

I read labels and receipts.

I read recipes and text messages

And tumbls and tweets.

I read status updates, blogs, reviews and newspapers.

But mostly,

I read books.

I read books of all genres

Languages, and ages.

I read books for fun, for knowledge

For sharing, for inspiration,

For laughter, for tears

And for every other feeling in between.

And when I feel I can’t consume one more chapter,

One more page, one more paragraph,

Or sentence, or word.

I close the book.






Insurgent (Divergent, #2)Insurgent by Veronica Roth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is SO worth the read! I know a lot of people became an instant fan of Divergent... But I have to say that Insurgent is BETTER than the first! And by a wide margin. SO GOOD!

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On the Island On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW, this was a good story. It's a little unsettling at parts because you really want them to get off this damn island! I mean... how much can one person suffer before they give in to their suffering??! I thought this was a great example of how you find love in the most unexpected places and that even at your lowest point in life, when you're not completely alone, you still have something to look forward to. Looking for many more books from this author; this debut novel was fantastic!

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