Bernhoft - C'mon Talk (07/21/11)

this guy is AMAZING.

Urban Outfitters: Music Monday (07/18/11)

Sleigh Bells "Kids" (05/19/11)

From the "Abduction" trailer.

Adele "Rolling in the Deep" (02/16/11)

Adele has been one of my favorite artists for a while now. Her album 19 was so good. I remember listening to "Right as Rain" and it was such a great pick-me-up! It always puts me in such a great mood. Her album 21 is JUST as good. She is an AMAZING artist; her music really is art.

Barcelona "Please Don't Go" (02/15/11)

Falling in love with this band. Check out Barcelona, an indie-rock band from Seattle.

Paramore "In the Mourning" (01/25/11)

I LOVE PARAMORE. I mean.. seriously... they are AMAZE! and Yelyah... sorry, I'm on twitter a lot... HAYLEY Williams is a rockstar! So here's a cover of a song that Hayley posted on her tumblr by dinner and a suit of her song "In the Mourning"

Florence + The Machine "Cosmic Love" (01/13/11)

I absolutely adore this song and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Florence + the Machine!

Nick Cave "O' Children" (01/07/11)

Currently (and pretty much ALWAYS) watching Harry Potter because I can't sleep. Got my laptop hooked up to my flatscreen with an S-video cable so my sister and I can watch "Deathly Hallows" on the big screen =). In the scene where Hermione and Harry are dancing in the tent (after Ron leaves them) there is a song playing the background and my sister wanted to know what song it was. So I searched it and here it is! ENJOY!!

Rogue Wave "Eyes" (12/18/10)

I'm one of those people who hears a song and I automatically start thinking about where I've heard it before. I was recently watching "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart and Eyes by Rogue Wave came on. I knew I heard it in a commercial before and I liked it. Just a random song of the night. You can listen to it and stream it HERE.

Pixie Lott "Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon cover) (12/17/10)

I absolutely ADORE Pixie Lott and I think she has an amazing voice! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Kings of Leon. They were totally my fave band of 2009 lol! ;) So it's even better that Pixie Lott is singing a cover of KOL's "Use Somebody" enjoy!!

Bobby Valentino "Words" (12/10/10)

LOVING this song right now. Bobby Valentino's newest album is set to come out Valentine's day 2011. His first single was "Phone #" and his latest single to drop from the album is "Words"


  1. I love Adele too & Florence & The Machine's Cosmic Love, I think that is one of my favourites off her album. I also really like Pixie's cover of Use Somebody :)

    I've never heard of the Band Barcelona before but after listening to it on here, I love that song!

  2. Aren't they great??! I love finding new bands to listen to. I'm a huge supporter of all genres!