Christmas is JUST around the corner!! I have been decorating the house and looking for new ideas for decorations. One of my FAVORITE sources when it comes to the holidays is MarthaStewart.com!! She has some GREAT ideas! One that I am working on now is a holiday wreath for my mom made from ribbon. You can find the link on how to make it HERE. She has great ideas for wrapping presents, decorating trees and holiday baking. Definitely a go-to site for the holidays!! =)



The holidays can be a really joyous occasion!! So much in fact that you really let loose and enjoy TOO much eating everything in sight! Who cares right? It's the holidays, indulge a little! But then you end up indulging a lot and realizing that your skinny jeans don't fit and all you're wearing lately are stretchy tights!! Here's a simple holiday detox to boost your energy and burn fat in just 3 days!!

Check it out at Yahoo! health!!