First Class. (02/13/11)

HUGELY a fan of James McAvoy. He's very handsome. :) And also, what X-men movie wasn't some kind of success right?? This movie is going to be released on June 3, 2011.

No Strings Attached. (01/07/11)

I love romantic comedies! This one is definitely on my "to-watch" movie list.

Numero Quatro. (01/05/11)

I cannot WAIT to watch this movie. I love movies based on books AND I love Michael Bay films. =)

Red Riding Hood. (12/28/10)

One movie coming out in 2011 that I have to say I am really interested in seeing is Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfriend playing the title character. I am a sucker for old childrens stories and fairytales with a modern twist (cue Drew Barrymore in Ever After)! :) So I am pretty excited to see this rendition directed by none other than Catherine Hardwick who, might I add, directed Twilight and did a pretty damn good job!

Water For Elephants. (12/15/10)

Based on the #1 NY Times best-selling book by author Sara Gruen. The story follows main character Jacob Jankowski as he deals with the death of his parents and unknowingly jumps onto the train of a traveling circus. Great story with great characters. The book is a MUST READ. Here is the trailer for the movie which is to be released in Spring of 2011.