The third and final book to the "Eden Trilogy" by Nicole Williams.

United EdenUnited Eden by Nicole Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was by far the BEST of the series. I truly love William and Bryn and I think their story is romantic and something that is new as well as familiar and timeless. I love that they've gone through so much and have conquered so much together and apart. I think I love them more than Bella and Edward! (I THINK... I do lol). But I really loved the this story and hated to see it end. I wish we could have seen how Patrick ended up and if he found someone who could put up with his "antics" but I loved that this book warmed you to the characters more like Abigail and Nathaniel. Truly a great trilogy of books to read for the hopeless romantic. I loved it!

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