Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

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Wow. This book had one MAJOR twist that I did NOT see coming. Although, I have to admit that I predicted the outcome of where this search "for Alaska" was going after the whole doodling fiasco... Anyway, I think that John Green has a very unusual way with words. It's brilliant actually. I say unusual because, as an adult, how does one write a book about teens in a teenage voice that is so accurate you would have thought he was a teen when he wrote it? Now I know that most teenagers aren't as pretentious or precocious as the ones in this book were... but the witticisms were so funny and so just EXACTLY what you would expect these characters to say when all you know of them is that they are teenagers that attend a boarding school. I really loved the sarcasm and also the deeply emotional parts were also rather enjoyable. John Green has become one of my favorite contemporary authors.

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