In t-minus 6 days Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out in theaters!! I am too excited for this movie and have been waiting what seems like forever for it to finally premiere! So in celebration of this momentous occasion I made a shirt (as I do every year there is a premiere; ie: last year's shirt read "muggle") of the Deathly Hallows. This shirt was made with a plain white shirt that I got from Wal*mart (totally inexpensive, $3.00 on clearance; note to self: ALWAYS check the clearance section for unexpected deals! There's some great stuff there), some freezer paper (from any convenience/grocery store), and some black spray fabric paint (Michael's, JoAnns, Wal*mart; puff paint would work too).(Below are the pictures of the shirt I made for Harry Potter! I didn't take pictures of the process for this one, I just took pictures after I added each element.)

For this particular movie, I figured "What better symbol to put than the Deathly Hallows themselves?" If anyone is as die-hard a Harry Potter fan as I, they will recognize the symbol :) (As seen in the above pictures.) So here are the simple steps to making your own home-made, one-of-a-kind t-shirt:

1.) Find a nice, plain shirt in the color of your choice (this particular shirt is ovrsized and loose-fitting, very comfy. Any v-neck or crew-neck shirt would be great!)

2.) Get fabric paint. They come in tubes or spray paint but make sure it's for fabric so that when you wash the shirt later the paint doesn't fade or bleed out (Note: if the shirt is a darker color like purple or blue you may want to choose a paint that will show up better like gray or white)

3.) Cut out the symbol, words, shapes, etc. that you want to put on your shirt (Note: I cut these shapes out on a Cricut on the lowest speed as to not rip the freezer paper because it is very thin)

4.) Iron on the freezer paper to your shirt. Make sure that whatever words or shapes you want are centered on the shirt measuring from both sides so that you don't get a crooked picture; Once you put the paint on there's no turning back!!

5.) Once you've ironed on your design, paint the voided areas in the color of your choice. If you are using spray paint, make sure you cover up the entire shirt but for the design you want to paint or else you WILL get paint splatters everywhere. Also, make sure you put carboard, paper or some other type of barrier in between the layers of the shirt so that the paint doesn't bleed through to the back of your shirt. Below is an example of the "Team Edward" shirt I made for the Eclipse premiere!!

6.) After the applied paint dries, peel off the freezer paper and you should have a very neat and clean t-shirt!! Super easy and really fun to do!!

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