Passion (Fallen, #3)Passion by Lauren Kate

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What I really loved about this book was the attention to detail. In every different lifetime you experience Luce and Daniel's romance, you can really imagine what it looks and feels like; what the surroundings would be like in Milan, Tibet, Tahiti or London. I liked this particular book in the series because when you read "Fallen" and "Torment" you KNOW that Daniel and Luce love each other so passionately but you don't know why. In "Passion" (which this book is so aptly named), you really fall in love with the romance time and time again, across many different scenarios one could think up, and across millennium for that matter. It's only when you get to the heart of it all that you really see how this romance challenges that of some of the biggest romantic couplings in history. Beautifully written, cannot wait for "Rapture" to read the ending (or perhaps, new beginning!)!!

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