A good balanced meal could be a great start to your day! This summer I interned on my college campus (CSUEB) and was involved in a group called PAW: Peer Advocates for Wellness. What we did was learn how to be peer educators on campus for various health topics such as Nutrition&Fitness, Sexual Health, General Health and ATOD which stands for Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs.

I worked with the Nutrition track and we developed a program on campus for students, faculty and staff to have an easier time choosing healthy food and drink items in our bookstore. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun too. Many of the items were fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, string cheese, water, 100% juices and whole grain granola bars or baked chips. For different items you want to look for little to no sugar, low sodium and no trans fats. Also, make sure you look at serving sizes so you don't consume a whole bag of baked chips by the time you realize you just had 3 servings. These are just a couple tips when you're looking for something healthy.

I came across this link on yahoo on new restaurant meals that you should DEFINITELY steer clear of as they are EXTREMELY high in sodium, calories and fat.
You can see the items here.

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