the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy...

NOTE** contains spoilers!!

I knew that I would read this book within a day. The first two in the series were SO good I just could not put them down after I started reading. I just wanted to know the ending so badly that I sped through the pages until all my questions were answered. This is a story that stays with you for many days after you've finished reading it. It's a story about war, loss, love and freedom. And about how it's not just a game when peoples' lives are at stake...

As I literally am turning the last page I cannot even begin to describe what an emotional ride this series has been. "Mockingjay" marks an AMAZING ending to an already amazing series. The surprises and twists that this book sends you on is a palpable thing. You feel like a player in the games; constantly glancing over your shoulder to see if you're being chased. I kept turning the pages and getting ahead of myself to find out if my favorite characters would survive. Katniss and Peeta's relationship was always expected to triumph, but the problems that occured along the way caught me off guard. I really love Gale's character, but as the story evolved I knew that he wasn't right for Katniss. It is perfect that he is her best friend only, as it should be. And I can honestly say that although the ending was quite unexpected, I knew there would be some ridiculous turn of events after a 76th hunger games was announced!! The epilogue was a sweet ending with the line, "there are much worse games to play." Collins has done it again in writing a sequel that surpasses the novel that precedes it. Such a fantastically and intelligently written series. I rank this trilogy as high as i do Harry Potter, which is high praise indeed. A definite MUST READ!

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