The seasons are changing and cold weather is actually deciding to stay with us. And what is GREAT about cold weather?? Being able to wear scarves, gloves, boots and all other clothes and accessories affiliated with winter! One EXTREMELY easy and affordable DIY project is to make your own gloves. This is a nice crafty activity because you don't actually have to sew or knit your own gloves. You can find a really cheap yet good quality glove at places like Target, Michaels or Jo-ann Fabrics. The fun part is getting buttons, lace, fabric and other things to embellish these gloves to make them fun and unique!

What you need:
1.) One pair of inexpensive gloves or mittens
2.) Buttons, fabric, lace, fabric paint, etc.
3.) Glue gun or fabric glue to adhere embellishments on gloves; you can also sew on embellishments if you are a more experienced "crafture" as i like to call it =)

Plus side: Perfect inexpensive DIY gift for Christmas!!

Pattern for knitted fingerless gloves coming soon!!

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