Eternal EdenEternal Eden by Nicole Williams

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I'm a hopeless romantic (despite what people may think ;)) so I really enjoyed this book. For a debut I thought it was well executed. It lagged a bit in the beginning because I couldn't figure out what the big secret was. After I found out the basic premise of the story it flowed well for the rest of the book. I found that I was really irritated with some of the characters. And the way that the author had described these people, my emotions were on high alert! I felt myself cringing at John's touch or swooning whenever William was mentioned. It's slightly reminiscent of Twilight, and I hate to compare the two but I couldn't help but find some recurring themes between the two: forbidden love, good vs. evil, immortal vs. mortal, true love and a selfless need to do anything to protect the one you loved, as well as "marriage" before intimacy. I would say this is a definite recommendation for fans of Twilight. I do think there will be a lot of people that disagree with me and won't like this book because of the similar themes to Twilight but from a larger perspective the story as a whole is COMPLETELY different and, I think, definitely worth a read.

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