Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

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I finally finished this book. It took me about two weeks and it wasn't for lack of trying!! I was so busy that I found myself reading only a few chapters each night. It was actually a good thing for me because I tend to fly through books and read them within a day or two and this way it stayed with me longer. It was great that the story was dragged out because that way it was able to stay with me longer. I really loved this story and it was a little different from other angel-themed books that I've read. Often, it is the guy that is the angel and he has to protect the girl, usually his love interest, from some crazy spiritual being that's trying to break them apart. In this story, Clara is an angel-blood. That means that she is part human and part angel. Her mother is an angel-blood and her father is a human. Every Angel-blood has a purpose and it starts to manifest within their 16th year of life. Your purpose is the reason for your existence basically. When you get to that age, you start having visions of your purpose. From the few clues that Clara has gotten from her visions, she and her family decide to move to Wyoming from California so Clara can meet the boy she sees in her vision that she thinks she is supposed to save.

In Wyoming, Clara encounters Christian, the boy from her visions and she finds that she's instantly attracted and drawn to him in more ways than just purpose-related. She also meets Wendy, a girl who is quick to welcome her when there are others who aren't so hospitable. I don't want to say more but this was a VERY good book and Clara finds herself torn between two worlds and two sides of herself; her Angelic side and the side of her that wants to be a regular human girl.

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