The latest book I've added to my personal library is The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell (author of Sex & the City). This book, which seems to be the first in a new series by said author, chronicles Carrie Bradshaw's senior year of high school before her big move to New York. She's got great friends, a new and exciting boyfriend, and a love of writing. We find out a little bit more about Carrie's family than we do on the show and much more about how she became a serious and talented writer, author and columnist. A lot of drama unfolds within her new relationship with her boyfriend Sebastian, a guy she's had a crush on since she was a kid, when she steals him away from Donna LaDonna who is a cheerleader, and also happens to be the most popular girl and Queen Bee of Castlebury High School, thus creating an arch-nemesis for herself. Fans might be a little disappointed that this isn't the strong-willed, fierce and fabulous Carrie from the show but it's nice to see how an insecure, young woman faced with a broken family, untrustworthy relationship and a backstabbing best friend became the Carrie Bradshaw we all know and love. Quick and easy read!!

*SPOILER: We find out how Carrie eventually meets Samantha in this novel.

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