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The Hills series finale aired today so I thought I'd share a little info about LC's books!

Lauren Conrad's 3rd book from the "LA Candy" series entitled "Sugar and Spice" is coming out this October! I thought that it wasn't going to be released until next March but Amazon has it coming out on Oct. 5th (pre-order from Amazon here) But I also see that she's coming out with a Style Guide as well. Being a fan of "The Hills" and her laid-back style, I might look into this. =) [NOTE: the other two books in the series are called "LA Candy" and "Sweet Little Lies" which are both really well written and SCANDALOUS!]

Other notable books on fashion that I personally LOVE!!! Christian Siriano's "Fierce Style" is HILARIOUS! And gives really easy and simple tips on how to dress for YOU. Also pretty much any style guide by Tim Gunn because let's face it, he knows his shit! oh and BTW... newest season of Project Runway premieres on August 5th on Lifetime! (you can check out the new designers HERE)

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