AngelfallAngelfall by Susan Ee

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Oh goodness! I can't believe it took me so long to finally get into this book. I kept adding it to my "currently-reading" list and then removing it when another book I wanted to read was available. I read so many great reviews that I was surprised to find myself re-reading the first chapter over and over and OVER again. I just couldn't get into it.. that being said after Raffe comes into the picture I could NOT put this book down! It was so good... action-packed and (I'm not going to lie) a little demented. How someone could imagine the chilling things described in this book are beyond me but kudos to Susan Ee for being successful without being too graphic and borderline horrific without making me completely lose my lunch. Great story and a very different take on angels than I've read in the past. This book hardly focuses on lovey dovey romance and much more on the darker aspect of love during war.

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