Hopeless Magic (Star-Crossed #2)Hopeless Magic by Rachel Higginson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"THAT CANNOT BE THE ENDING??!" That is exactly what I thought when I read this book. It so funny to me that Rachel Higginson really knows what she's doing when she shapes a storyline. I really didn't care much for Kiran AT ALL in the first book. And then throughout this one I found a few redeeming qualities here and there and I was thinking.. "Ok, if she can't end up with Jericho... then I GUESS Kiran is okay." Literally 2 pages later and I'm sitting here thinking how much I hope Eden kills Kiran!! AHHHHH! The emotions in this one were all over the place. It's like **I hate you I love you, you betrayed me but I can't forget you, and I love you too but this is the sacrifice we have to make, and I'll kill you before you hurt me again...** I mean.. BAHHHH!! It's too much to handle! But this story was too addicting that I literally started the 3rd one right after... completely engrossed at this point and cannot wait for the 4th book!!!

Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed #3)Fearless Magic by Rachel Higginson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started this book this morning after finishing the second book in the wee hours of the day!! After the way "Hopeless Magic" ended I just NEEDED to find out what would happen next to my beloved characters!!! And I said it before and will say it again.. I absolutely LOVE JERICHO!!! I never really liked Kiran for Eden. Their relationship seemed so unhealthy and he was too consuming and suffocating for her. I really hoped something would spark with Jericho so I really loved the way this book played out the story and how Eden found herself in the midst of a rebellion she had NO idea how to go about.. but also learned a lot about who she was and all that she was fighting for. I wish there had been more interaction between Eden and Avalon because I truly love their sibling bond. I also gained a lot of respect for Sebastian in this book; which surprised me. Anyway, I cannot wait to read the next one.. this series is surprisingly addicting with a storyline that is unexpected and exciting!!

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