We have been really good about stocking up on fruits and veggies. We have A LOT and a huge variety from kale to oranges to nectarines and beets. I found a book at Barnes & Noble that was the "big book of juice" (or something to that effect) and I read that beetroot juice is really good for a liver cleanse and also filtering out the toxins in your blood. Today I made a beetroot juice that I thought was very yummy. Beet juice is actually a little sweet by itself but I added a few other things.

The juice recipe is:

2 beetroots
2 apples (I used one red, one green)
3 stalks of celery

The beets are VERY red/pink so be careful not to stain your clothing or towels when you cut your beets.

This was very refreshing. I think the celery adds a good flavor to it =)

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