Fallen Eden (Eden Trilogy, #2)Fallen Eden by Nicole Williams

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I think it's pretty much written in stone that the most romantic stories end up flipping a 180 in the sequel. In the Twilight Saga, Fallen Series, Hush, Hush, the Celestra series, The Mortal Instruments, etc... The second book in the series always finds the tragic couple breaking up to save their lives. Either the girl leaves, or the guy leaves or they force themselves onto a third party to protect their lover. This book is no exception to that plot point. But it is an exception in the way it was written. It's truly an unconditional love between Bryn and William. One that began centuries before they even met each other. I really loved the writing and although it's not Shakespeare... it's poetic prose gives a pretty great depiction of a love that could give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money.

Okay.. enough of my hopeless-romantic side getting the better of me.

This book was great! It had so many plot twists and cliffhangers that you really feel like you're being chased through the story. You have to keep turning the pages (or in my case, pressing that kindle button) to find out what will happen next. I had no doubt that Bryn and William would end up back together in the end, but I did find that I was rushing to find the point when it would happen. Really awesome read and for fans of Paranormal Romance.

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