DAY 03.

Today was a LONG day. Finals are next week so all my major projects were due this weekend. And today was just one of those random busy days. I had to take my car to the mechanic, wait for my dad to pick me up and take me home. Cleaned my room because we had a prayer at our house. Helped my friend edit her paper. Went to the store for groceries with my sister. Had to go back out to get my car. Had to go back home after I got my car. Finished cleaning my room and getting ready and THEN I had to cook something so that I didn't starve from being so busy!!

In the morning I had pb&j and of course everything was vegan :)

annndddd my favorite vegan beverage is chocolate soy milk of the "Silk" variety ;)


You can find these at any grocery store. Costco has the individual serving sized cartons that come with a straw.

For dinner I made sesame noodles! This was the FIRST time I made them and they were SOOOOO good. I have a potluck to go to tomorrow and I am DEFINITELY making them. They are so easy and all you need are measuring spoons and measuring cups. There's no cooking involved except for boiling noodles.

I got the idea from a friend (Jenny if you read this THANKS! :)) and I looked up some recipes. I found this one after googling "easy sesame noodles" lol


It was super simple. I did make some changes. Instead of 4T of olive oil I used 2. Instead of chili oil I used crushed red pepper flakes. I added one more tablespoon of sugar because it was a tad salty and I had no rice wine vinegar so I used white wine vinegar. I also added toasted sesame seeds. It helps to be asian, lol! I found all the ingredients in my pantry.

I cooked broccoli as a side dish and I almost always have fresh broccoli but I had some broccoli steamers handy and they are just as good and fresh! Plus they are super convenient.


I also had a "chicken" patty by MorningStar. I just cooked it and cut it up to get a little more protein.


THIS was the finished product. SO GOOD! I will be making this again.. and OFTEN! =)

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