DAY 15.

Yesterday, March 25th, I made bean burritos!! They were very good, slightly spicy but I like that. What's awesome about this recipe is that everything isn't necessarily vegan items, they are just ingredients that are naturally vegan and don't contain eggs or milk. I'm not being too much of a stickler, if I read the label and it says "Contains: Wheat, Soy" then that's good enough for me! =)

First I got all my ingredients together: Refried Beans, Green Chiles, Salsa, and Taco Seasoning

Then heated some vegetable oil in a pan and I chopped up a quarter of an onion. And sauteed them in a pan until they were soft and lightly browned.

Once the onions were cooked I added the refried beans (and these were low sodium since I was adding taco seasoning) green chiles, and taco seasoning.

At this point you can see how thick the mixture of beans is going to be. I actually added an extra can of beans because I realized that the seasoning packet had a lot. Depending on how thick you want it, you can add as much salsa as you like. I added about half a jar because I didn't want the beans too dry and thick. Then I mixed it all up.

At this point you can eat the beans anyway you like. I warmed up some corn tortillas, filled it with the bean mixture and topped it with salsa for vegan bean burritos!!

OR you can eat it like bean dip with chips! :) I just topped it with fresh diced tomatoes and green onions for a little something extra. Both ways are delish but I love bean dip so this was my favorite option. There are many other ways to eat it I'm sure, these are just a couple of ideas. ENJOY!!

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