DAY 07.

Been slacking on my blog (for a day, lol) because I was studying for a final exam and was up UBER late. But I'm back and I'm particularly excited about this post! =)

I went to a party last Saturday and my cousin was eating Thin Mint girlscout cookies. I was so jealous because I wanted to eat one SO bad. But of course, not vegan. So everyday before I decide what to eat I search recipes online to see if I have the ingredients needed. And then... I came across THIS:


This recipe came from Chef Chloe. If you guys don't watch much Food Network, she won "Cupcake Wars" which was a shock because all of her cupcakes were vegan! Anyway, I was so excited to make these and they turned out pretty well!!

I followed the recipe as is. I did however use a mixer instead of a food processor but I just made sure that the butter (vegan of course) was at room temperature so it was soft.

First I got all my ingredients together.

After I properly measured everything I used a mixer until everything was just combined. Then you knead it with your hands into a ball and refrigerate it for an hour.

Once the dough is cooled, line a baking sheet with parchment (so that the cookies don't stick and for easy clean-up) and start rolling your dough into balls using a heaping teaspoon as your measurement.

Then press the dough into flat discs about a quarter of an inch thick.

Then bake off your cookies, I think I did 10 minutes at first just in case they cooked faster than I thought. After they baked I cooled them completely. And then I got my chocolate ready in a bowl for melting. I'm not that baking-savvy so instead of a double boiler I melted it in the microwave in 10 second increments until it was completely melted.

Don't forget to add the peppermint to your chocolate coating!!

Then, using a fork coat each of your cookies and put them back onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

Once they're all coated put them in the fridge so that the coating gets hard and once the chocolate is solid you can eat them! =)

Aren't they cute??!
My version is just a simplified version of the actual recipe which you can find at www.ChefChloe.com. And they are TASTY!! Being vegan is a cinch! ;)


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