DAY 09.

Blogging twice for today because I've been behind. But finals are over and I'm so relieved to have some free time for a week! =)

I thought a good topic for vegan food would be snacks! It's a little hard to go out with your friends and have no options to eat so it's nice to carry something that you can take on the go. Or if you're just looking for a tasty treat or midnight snack these might be your perfect solution.

Quick sweet treat: Silk Soy Milk (vanilla, chocolate, plain, etc.)
All soy milk has a little sweetness to it but my favorite is either vanilla or chocolate. It's got the calcium and added nutrients which is a bonus. If you don't like soy your other options can be rice or almond milk.

Something Salty: Olive Oil Popcorn
I was actually skeptical about these because I thought "olive oil and salt, they probably taste really healthy" but they are VERY good. They have just the right amount of salt and you don't miss all that fatty butter either. These were from Trader Joe's.

Go Nuts: Nuts are always a good option because they are packed with protein and good fats!! My favorites are cashews, almonds and pistachios!

Breakfast "snack": I don't ever eat a full-on breakfast because I tend to get sick in the morning if I eat to much but since breakfast is an important meal and one you should never skip... I make toast! Toast with some jam or peanut butter, or both! Or you can add soy "cream" cheese like I've done here with a side of strawberries.

For Some Crunch: VEGGIES!! I love baby carrots! They're my favorite and perfect to have in a ziplock in your purse. I love eating them with peanut butter since ranch is not an option.

Another Option: Corn! This is a nice side dish or just snack. I love the roasted corn that you can find from Trader Joe's in the freezer section but you can always used canned as well as long as the only ingredients are corn, water, salt.

Make a Parfait: I love yogurt so I was very surprised to come across a plain, unsweetened, soy yogurt. This you can layer in a cup with fruits. You can also sweeten it with a little agave nectar (which is an all-natural sweetener that has a low glycemic index so it's safe for diabetics) and top it with nuts or granola.

Chips N' Dip: One of my favorites lately has been hummus dip and pita chips. What is AWESOME is that you can add hummus to a lot of other dishes. So far I've used it for falafels, quesadilla's burgers, it's great!!

Have a drink: I love juice or iced tea or iced teas mixed with juice :)
I found this great 100% pineapple juice at Trader Joe's and it's SO good. They also have a good unfiltered apple juice as well.

There are a multitude of other options but these are just a few I've tried out. Also, the best vegan snacks are fresh fruits and veggies! Apples and bananas are my fave!

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