DAY 08.

So I am day behind with my blog. FINALS have made me a mess. But I will blod two days today (hopefully) to get back on track.

I've never actually had a falafel and it's actually a shame that the first time I tried it was the frozen kind lol. Either way I thought they were pretty good. So if you've been following my progress it's pretty clear that everything I buy is from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. I made falafels because I was just trying it out and they're actually really good. My dad liked them too!

For my ingredients I had grilled vegetables: zucchini, red bell pepper, red onion (I showed how I grilled them when I made my pasta salad, same concept.)

I also used whole wheat flatbread from Trader Joe's. These are great because you can use them as a replacement for bread, rice, crackers. You can eat them with soup or make a soft taco or gordita. They're a good buy =)

I watch a lot of Food Network too and I always see them using a yogurt sauce with Middle Eastern food so I used soy yogurt (plain/unsweetened) to top it

I heated the falafels in the microwave (these were the instructions on the bag)

Then I grilled the flatbread to heat it up and make it pliable

After all my ingredients were warm and I sliced my veggies I layered the flatbread with the falafels, veggies and yogurt

And then just fold it up and eat it like a taco! =) These were really yummy!! Will make again!


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