DAY 13.


One of my favorite types of food (besides Italian and Japanese) is Mexican food. And I have a love of tacos! I crave them ALL the time. And I'm serious when I say I think I could eat them everyday for a week and not get sick of them!! I love hard and soft shell tacos. Being vegan, it's hard to substitute proteins and have the flavor taste exactly the same as if it were meat. I'm still learning what things I like and don't like. Today I tried making "chicken" tacos with soft corn tortillas.

For the "chicken" I used the Chicken-less strips from Trader Joe's

I then sauteed some green bell pepper and onions and then added the "chicken strips." After everything was cooked I added taco seasoning. This is just a blend of spices like red pepper, cumin, chili, etc. You can actually find recipes for this online to make your own at home or buy the packages taco seasoning. Just make sure to look for packages that don't contain whey (milk).

After the filling mixture was done, I heated a corn tortilla and topped it with the filling, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce. (I don't like much in my tacos when I make them at home)

In all honesty, this wasn't one of my favorite vegan dishes I made. It wasn't too bad, but I'm not a fan of the chicken-less strips. I think the texture was too mushy for me. I should have used the "ground beef" that I used for my spaghetti sauce a few days ago.

This would have made for a better filling. Although you want to be careful with these meat substitutes because most of them are pre-seasoned and you don't want your food to be too salty.


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