blogging my quest to become vegan for 40days. did some grocery shopping today and found some really interesting things...

Did some grocery shopping to start my VEGAN diet this Wednesday. I'm really excited, everything looks so tasty!

Morning Star Grillers Vegan:
I actually ate these when I went vegetarian last year and I really like them. They honestly taste just like hamburger patties and I didn't miss the meat at all. All I did was top my burgers with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and mushrooms just to make it a little more full and also added some mustard and ketchup and it tasted like any other hamburger you've ever had. DELISH!

Shirataki Tofu Fettucini:
I was actually watching "Hungry Girl" on the food channel and Lisa Lillien (the author of the bestselling hungry girl books; you can check them out HERE) used these noodles for her pasta. Another trick she used to make it more filling was to use a vegetable peeler and peel strips of carrot and zucchini so it looks like pasta. That way you have more "pasta" without adding a whole bunch of calories!! =)

Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Strips:
I thought I'd try these out for salads or vegan pita pockets. Seems like it might be a good filler. I usually do a chicken caesar salad in a pita pocket so I can try these and find a vinaigrette dressing instead. and for the bread I bought...

Middle Eastern Flatbread:
These are a nice alternative to tortillas or even sandwich bread. I can fill them and make soft tacos or just tear them and eat them with dip. YUM!

So those are some of the things I got to try them out. Can't wait to start cooking on Wednesday!!

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