DAY 11.

I LOVE Chinese takeout! I mean, it's probably the one type of food that I really crave but if I have too much of it I'll get sick of it. So I very rarely eat it, but when I do it's LOVE. And of course there aren't very many vegan options for Chinese food because almost all the dishes, even if they are vegetarian contain some kind of oyster or fish sauce. So I found a veggie stirfry package that came with a soy based sauce and it the packaged is labeled vegan. I also added some tofu to make it more filling and ate it with brown rice. SO good.

First I drained the tofu (tofu is usually packed in water to keep it fresh) and patted the pieces dry because I fried them to get a little crunch and I didn't want the oil popping everywhere. I just sliced the tofu and browned it.

Then I followed the stirfry directions that are on the package. The stirfry is from Trader Joe's. I removed the sauce packet to defrost it while the tofu was still frying.

I drained the tofu on some paper-towels and waited until they cooled a little before I cut them into pieces.

Meanwhile I was measuring and warming up my brown rice. I used to cook my own brown rice but it takes a long time; roughly an hour. So I started buying the frozen, ready-prepared brown rice and I've tried a few brands but I like this one that I found at Costco. You just measure out your rice and heat it in the microwave. It doesn't come out too dry either so I like it.

After my tofu was done cooking, I cooked the veggies in a pan with some vegetable oil. Just enough so that all the veggies are heated through. I've tried some stirfry packages but I like this one because it has a variety of veggies.

Once the veggies were heated through I added the tofu and the sauce packet and mixed it just to evenly coat everything with the sauce.

Serve it with your brown rice and ENJOY! :)


  1. i LOVE that pack from TJ's.. it's one of my favorites. it's not quite enough for kris and i though.. i usually bulk it up with an additional pack of veggies because there's plenty of sauce!

  2. Yeah!! I was thinking the sauce wouldn't be enough for the veggies but I actually thought it could have used lest. I'll probably add extra veggies next time :)