DAY 16.

Last weekend my sister went to a vegan bakery in San Francisco and got me a couple treats. This particular bakery was what they call a "baking cooperative" meaning that different bakers come together and sell their food at this one bakery. The baker is called Arizmendi.

She got me a number of different items. There was a vegan mint chocolate, chocolate chip cookie.

A banana nut muffin. (which was VERY good. moist and not too sweet; perfect!)

And focaccia that had a Middle Eastern taste to it. It was covered in mushrooms and had a curry taste.

Anyway, all the things I tried were great! I love finding new things to try from all these different places. I am trying to go to a vegan restaurant soon.

Also as a little treat for myself, I LOVE these little vegan doughnuts that they sell at Whole Foods. The blueberry and maple are the only ones I've tried but they also have plain, chocolate, and cinnamon and sugar. YUM!


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