Yay! It's my birthday! It has been a fabulous week already. Went out with my friends Monday, fam last night and out to lunch in a little bit with some of my best friends. Today is Ash Wednesday so it's my first day going vegan. EEEKKK!! I haven't had anything to eat yet, maybe I'll grab some toast with soy cream cheese!! =) ANYWAY. Got two of the BEST presents today!! I have a love of books, and a love of fashion. So what better way to combine the two but getting FASHION BOOKS!!

(I meant to finish this post earlier but my picture uploads weren't working out for me!!)

"STYLE" by Lauren Conrad and "True Whit" by Whitney Eve Port are the latest editions to my book collection!! One of my favorites is "Fierce Style" by Christian Siriano! They have GREAT tips on how to find the right accessories and the right shoes and clothes for your body type. LOVE!!



    Good luck with going vegan for Lent :)

  2. Happy birthday!!! And fashion books are always a lovely gift! :)