DAY 05.

Today I had a potluck for my internship and it was awesome because there were lots of vegan options! (HOORAY for vegan friends and food allergies!!) Anyway I got to taste some fabulous things that I thought I'd share and also probably try to make on my own. =)

Here was my plate:

So, the sesame noodles were actually something that I've already tried to make myself and they were a success! You can see my post on that HERE.

The quesadillas sans queso were SO good. My friend made them and I'm pretty sure I could eat them forever. Will definitely be re-creating those!!

The "cowboy caviar" is pretty much a salsa. My sister makes a version that has avocado. It's SO good. I think I've also heard people call it "confetti salsa" or "Mexican caviar" but let's not be racist now. =)

I made the pasta salad and you can see the process that I've posted HERE.

But the SWEET TREAT today were these little vegan cups of goodness that my friend made. I mean, they're good... really good! =) And she was telling me that she is actually starting a candy-making business. They're called "Vegan Sweet Cups" and you can find them on facebook HERE. Check them out and like they're page... SO GOOD!



  1. That little "Vegan Sweet Cup" looks absolutely delicious!!!!

  2. They are so good!! My friend is trying to start a business with them and I'm pretty sure they will be very successful!!