DAY 18.

This was my take on "chicken parmesan." It's funny because I can't have chicken OR parmesan lol but I had the rest of that vegan cheese and was looking for ways to use it in a dish. I also tried those Boca Chicken Patties and I used that since it was breaded.

First I cooked the "chicken patty" and then let it cool a little.

I boiled some water for my brown rice spaghetti and threw in some salt and olive oil so it was seasoned and the pasta wouldn't stick together. I think this is an important step because brown rice pasta tends to be a lot starchier and it gets sticky with no oil.

I took the cooled chicken patty and topped it with vegan marinara (I always use the same one from Trader Joe's, it's the same sauce I use for pizza. It's nice to find multiple dishes that use the same ingredients so I don't waste anything.) And then I topped it with vegan cheese and put it under the broiler.

I drained my pasta, put it back into the pot, added the marinara and then seasoned it with salt and pepper mixing it until all the noodles were evenly coated in sauce.

After my cheese was melted on the chicken patty, I plated some pasta and topped it with the chicken. ENJOY! (of course it doesn't have real chicken OR parm, but it was still tasty!!)

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