DAY 31.

I went to PF Chang's recently and blogged about their vegetarian options. I really loved their tofu lettuce wraps so I decided to make my own! :) When I looked up recipes I found that some had things I liked and others had things I didn't like so I sort of made this recipe up as I went along.

I first chopped up all the veggies that I thought were in lettuce wraps (I sort of assumed what was in them and also checked a couple recipes and these were the veggies that I approved of, lol!). onions, carrots, mushrooms, garlic and celery

I also noticed that lettuce wraps have a nice crunchy texture to the filling because of water chestnuts. You can get these at any grocery store and they're usually in various Asian dishes depending on what you're eating.

I bought extra firm tofu which I thought would work best in this recipe because the texture is heartier and more like chicken than silken tofu. I diced this up into bite-size pieces.

I put this into a tupperwear (as seen above) and marinated it with some green onion, red pepper flakes to taste, and soyaki sauce. Soyaki sauce was something I saw in one of the recipes that someone tried and it's a little bit like teriyaki sauce but not as sweet.

While my tofu was marinating in the fridge, I sauteed my onion, celery and carrot until it was soft. Then I added the mushrooms and garlic and cooked those through as well.

I then added the marinated tofu plus the sauce it marinated in and sauteed this with the vegetables. I added a little more soyaki sauce to taste and a little bit of salt and pepper as well. I also added the water chestnuts that I had chopped earlier. These are more for texture than anything since they don't really have a flavor.

This mixture had a lot of liquid so I added cornstarch to thicken it into a glaze. All you have to do is mix some cornstarch with a little water and then add it to the filling. I didn't add too much water to the cornstarch since the tofu already had a lot of liquid.

Once the mixture thickened it was PERFECT and the soyaki sauce has a really good flavor!! Serve this with lettuce and you're good to go!

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