DAY 34.

Today I went to 360 Burrito in Concord off Willow Pass. I love going to this place because, although they're burritos aren't exactly classic/traditional Mexican food, they use really good, fresh ingredients. This is a gourmet burrito place that has a modern twist on classic Mexican food. What is GREAT is that they have the option of different tortillas. You can get tomato, spinach, regular flour or whole wheat.

I opted for a whole wheat tortilla. I usually get the tomato though.

I usually get the grilled chicken burrito which is great because grilling meat and veggies is always healthier than frying or sauteeing. Obviously I couldn't have meat but they also have a smoked tofu burrito (which I've had before and it is GREAT) or a vegetarian burrito which I tried. I made it vegan by asking for no cheese or sour cream.

This burrito was GREAT because it had zucchini, red bell pepper, onions, broccoli and carrots.

(my picture quality is bad because I had to use my phone, lol!)

Here is a sample of what their menu looks like. You can check it out on their website: www.360gb.com


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