DAY 36.

Day 36 was technically on Wednesday but I've been busy so I'm catching up with my posts! This was an AWESOME day because I went to the Janet Jackson concert in San Francisco! What was very cool (and I regret not taking a picture) was that at the Bill Graham Civic Center (where the concert was held) they were selling veggie sandwiches along with all the other food like nachos, hotdogs, etc. that you would normally find at a concert. I really wish I could have gotten this recipe somehow because these sandwiches were GOOD. They had roasted onion, red pepper, tomatoes, spinach and some kind of spread. I don't know, it was AMAZING lol!

After the concert we went to El Farolito in SF. This is a Mexican food place known for their burritos. It's really popular in the city. Anyway, I got a vegetarian burrito that had beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, guacamole and you make it vegan by asking for no cheese or sour cream. It was REALLY good. I forgot to take pictures of everything this night but here is some music for your hearing pleasure.

(Janet Jackson dedicated this to all her fans that night... LOVE HER!!)

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