DAY 29.

After today I have 11 days of my vegan diet to go!! =)

Today I made TACOS!!!!

Taco's are one of my favorite foods to eat so I decided to make them the vegan way because surprisingly I hadn't tried to make it yet.

As always I stopped by whole foods to look at what my vegan options were. What I really like about the way that I cook now is that I notice I've been adding a lot of veggies to everything that I make to make it more filling which is AWESOME!

I tried a meatless ground before but it was Yves brand. Today I tried Lightlife smart ground original.

I also tried Daiya vegan cheese and Tofutti non-dairy sour cream.

I chopped up some veggies for the "ground beef" including garlic, onion, and green bell pepper for flavor. I also defrosted about a cup of frozen corn to add to the mixture.

I sauteed the onion and bell pepper until they were soft, added the garlic, meatless ground and corn until it was all warmed through.

Then I added the taco seasoning and 2/3 cup of water (as per the instructions on the packet) and simmered the mixture until the seasoning was thoroughly mixed and the water was gone.

I chopped up some tomatoes and shredded lettuce for toppings. I also lightly toasted some corn tortillas in the oven.

These were pretty damn good!! Lol!!



  1. YUM! I think that the veg. ground round really takes up the flavor of taco seasoning well.. it's my favorite way to use it b/c you can't tell the difference between it and real meat... as opposed to some other ways you can use it where you can tell..

    I don't know if that made any sense. I need sleep.

  2. DEFINITELY agree with you on that one!! I tried it in spaghetti sauce and it didn't mask the taste as well