DAY 19.

This is my take on "fast food." People get fast food because of its convenience but what if a new vegan wanted fast food for the taste?? This was funny because I was trying to come up with ways to cook the rest of the Boca meatless "Chicken Patties" and I thought, "I want a McChicken!" And so I came up with this idea of fast food veganized.

I baked some frozen french fries. When you're looking at frozen foods that you assume are vegetarian because they are just veggies, you still want to read labels to make sure that there aren't any milk and eggs because that it what makes it vegan.

Anyway, I used the same boca patty and cooked it in a toaster oven until it was browned and crisp.

For the bun I used sandwich thins. I like these because they are 100 calories each.

I like things plain so I just sandwiched the patty and topped it with lettuce. Then I just served it alongside some fries and voila! Vegan fast food! (that took a little longer than "fast" to prepare)


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