DAY 27.


Since I basically cook for just me, I end up having a lot of leftover veggies, bread, tofu, etc. Therefore I have to figure out ways to cook all of my food. I had some leftover refried beans/beandip and corn tortillas so I decided to make some vegan fajitas. These were pretty great!

I sliced up some onion, green and red bell pepper.

Something I almost always have in the pantry (vegan diet or not) is taco seasoning. This is a great staple to have because you can mix it with beans, meat or veggies just to season it and it has great flavor.

I sauteed the veggies in some vegetable oil and when they were soft and cooked through I added a couple tablespoons of seasoning (you never need the whole packet) and a little water. Then I simmered until the water was gone and this was my filling along with the beans.

I heated up some tortillas in the microwave (I think frying them is unnecessary and they're corn tortillas so warming them up a little makes them soft enough to handle) and then I started layering: beans/beandip, onion/bell pepper "filling", some lettuce I shredded and in place of sour cream I used plain soy yogurt. You can also add taco seasoning or hot sauce but these were great like this. Now with the extra taco seasoning I'll be able to cook something else =)

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