DAY 37.

This day was DEFINITELY leftovers day. I don't mean leftovers as in "i cooked all this food and now I have too much leftover" this is more like "after 40-days of vegan I have way too many vegan groceries in my freezer, fridge and pantry." So I decided to cook all my vegan leftovers and somehow turn it into a meal in a way. Lol! Let's see how I did!

I took Biryani Rice from Trader Joe's

I love these ready-made items because you literally just heat them on the stove with a little veggie oil and they're ready to eat. You don't even have to defrost it.

I also cooked the rest of my vegetable Thai gyoza, also from Trader Joe's

Also, for a little added protein, I cooked a Boca "chicken" patty and cut it into pieces and mixed it into the Biryani rice.

LOL! This was a very jumbled meal but I thought it was pretty good and filling haha!!

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