DAY 20.

This was an EASY day for me because my mom cooked! :)

I'm Filipino and we make lumpia which is like an egg roll. You can fill lumpia wrappers with essentially everything and we have both sweet and savory versions of it. Lumpia is usually fried but we also have a fresh lumpia that is made in a fresh wrapper that is sort of like a crepe. Fresh lumpia usually has a filling of veggies and some meat but my mom made me the filling with just veggies and tofu. The veggies are carrots, green beans, cabbage and jicama.

Jicama is a root that sort of has the consistency of an apple but it has a refreshing taste like lettuce with a little sweetness.

My mom just sauteed all the veggies, then added tofu, seasoned with a little salt and pepper and instead of eating it in a wrapper I just ate it with some brown rice. YUMMY!!

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